Linda Cryptocoin Launched with a Promise of Better ROI


A Dogecoin-like Scrypt cryptocoin has been announced with a promise of better return on investment.

Linda, a sweetly and beautifully titled cryptocurrency, proposes to offer over 70% of pure PoS block reward phase and 99% APR, which is favorable for investment. The bullish aspects attached to Linda is huge, for the coin has attractive features. The first and the foremost is Masternode. Linda comes with a masternode which means users get lightning fast secure transactions, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity.

Secondly, Linda offers investment opportunities in two ways: either by staking or running a masternode. A total of 30 million Linda coins is available for staking as part of a Masternode Collateral. While the minimum staking age of 24 hours, the maximum staking age is unlimited.

What’s further attractive is the reward mechanism. Linda offers 50% block reward for Masternodes, thereby appearing much more attractive and profitable than any other alternate cryptocurrency. The approach is very organic, to say the least. It promises to make a healthy case for Linda as far as its functionality as an asset is concerned.

Linda in its roadmap has also cleared that the supply of tokens will be limited to 50,000,000,000. There will also be a block halving after 15 months of the genesis block mining. In a long run, this is a good fundamental prospect as the supply will be limited against the growing demand, which means better Linda value in the future.

The Linda team believes that they can be another Dogecoin in the next 6 months should the community support increases. And the likelihood of this happening is huge thanks to the innumerable day-to-day features Linda is coming with.

Now Available on Exchanges

Linda is already available for purchasing/selling on some of the leading crypto-assets exchanges. They are CoinExchange, YoBit Exchange, and Cryptopia. Here, users can buy Linda for BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies.

The Linda team plans to add LiveCoin and C-CEX in coming weeks, ensuring more trading volume and adoption rate for the Linda coin.


Linda has multiple wallets in Windows, Linux, Macosx, and Raspberry Pi. Windows USB with Android and Electrum wallets coming soon.

To know more about the Linda project, visit here.

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