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Last week, Bitcoin Developer Marco Falke logged his 1,752nd commit to Bitcoin Core’s codebase, passing W. J. van der Laan to become the most prolific Core Dev in terms of the sheer number of individual changes submitted to the project.

As a full-time Bitcoin Core repository maintainer since 2016, Falke himself is the first to point out that many of his commits represent minor tweaks that are merged to the codebase relatively easily, and that this milestone in and of itself does not make him Bitcoin’s most important or enterprising contributor. But, after all, Bitcoin is code, and the work that Falke does as a maintainer of that code every day — reviewing contributions to ensure that they provide improvement to the protocol, maintaining continuity across the network and organizing the code so it is easy for developers to work with — is critical.

“When it comes to my contributions, I think the majority are smaller improvements, which are each exciting for their own reasons,” Falke told Bitcoin Magazine. “I’ve mostly continued to improve testing and spend time on quality assurance and review.”

The most substantive of Falke’s development work on Bitcoin has probably been his contributions around its testing infrastructure, something he identified early on as an inefficiency in the project that he was passionate about improving. Bitcoin’s test environment is used to review potential changes to the codebase, allowing developers to peer review one another’s work and identify potential problems. Falke has dedicated much of his career to improving this test environment so this process is more efficient.