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Sort, scan, display, and more—you’re always in complete control with BTC Tools

Continuing with our efforts to provide our users with an excellent mining experience, offers a set of tools to make the set-up and upkeep of your mining infrastructure as rewarding as possible.

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BTC Tools

BTC Tools allows you to quickly, easily, and efficiently organize and sort all working miners, based on what matters to you.

With BTC Tools, you can:

  • Scan the miners belonging to multiple network segments in the LAN.
  • Display miners’ basic information, such as hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, and worker name.
  • Sort miners by hash rate, temperature, worker name, etc. You can easily find miners with low hash rates or high temperatures.
  • With the “Monitor Miners” feature, BTC Tools will continually refresh miners’ information, and, with sorting, makes it easy to spot abnormal machines.
  • Batch configure your miners with their pools, worker names (sub-account.miner-postfix), and passwords. You can configure all miners or only those you select.
  • Batch rebooting miners. You can reboot all miners or only those you select.

BTC Tool supports most Antminers and part of the Avalon miner series. (The rebooting feature is only available with Antminers; scanning and configuration available with both Antminers and Avalon miners.)

New features for BTC Tools version 1.1

1. Miner can be sorted by hash rate, temperature, worker name, etc.
 2. IP ranges changed to group management. Each group can contain multiple IP ranges to help you remember and name your groups.
 3. The miner table highlights high temperature, low hash rate and worker name that doesn’t match its IP.
 4. The new setting dashboard, allows you to change scanning speed and the temperature and hash rate ranges highlighted on it.

BTC Pool app

With the BTC Pool app, available on iOS and Android, you are always in control. Stay current as you view pool and miner data in real-time, and directly delete or modify your miners, whenever, wherever. Stay tuned, as well, for an “Event Alert” function, which is coming soon.

BTC Smart Agent

The BTC Smart Agent greatly improves the communication efficiency between the farm and the pool, saving bandwidth, stabilizing connection, and monitoring data. According to official estimates, after deploying the BTC Smart Agent, running 10,000 miners requires only 1Mbps bandwidth—that’s only 10% of the consumption of direct traffic! The BTC Smart Agent also allows you to manage grouping and moving for all miners, individually or not!