Obsidian’s Use of C# Based Stratis to Empower the OSM Ecosystem

Obsidian Inc., the company behind the revolutionary Obsidian Platform, is putting cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology to good use by creating a communications system. The system, Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) allows users to send and receive messages over a highly secure protocol with assured privacy and secrecy.

The creators of OSM have built the platform over Stratis, a C# based blockchain protocol, along with the implementation of Masternodes and Service Nodes. The Stratis based Obsidian blockchain is used to encrypt the platform using the bcrypt SHA512 algorithm which ensures that all messages and files sent over the platform can be accessed only by the intended recipient.

In addition to the security, the use of Stratis protocol also contributes to the anonymity. The timed auto-deletion feature further strengthens the privacy and secrecy, preventing the message from being accessed by anyone on a later date.

Obsidian uses Stratis technology stack, along with a customized version of NBitcoin using .Net technologies. The choice of Startis has a much wider advantage than just offering a state-of-the -art encryption and privacy to OSM. It also plays a major role in building the Obsidian community.

By design, any cryptocurrency platform is not complete without the full-fledged backing of a dedicated community. The community helps in the further development of the platform, drives its adoption and expansion. The C# based Stratis protocol is designed to make building blockchain solutions easier and more affordable.

The implementation of C# blockchain makes it easier for the developer community to easily use the existing Obsidian infrastructure to create new applications, thus building an entire ecosystem around it. A robust ecosystem will also increase the demand for ODN tokens, which are currently being offered through the platform’s ongoing crowdsale.

The Obsidian crowdsale is set to end in the next three days, and those who are interested in becoming part of the project can do so before it ends.

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