Oslo Freedom Forum Bitcoin Academy

The 2021 Oslo Freedom Forum, an international events series highlighting human rights activism, will host a Bitcoin Academy as one of its three programming tracks on October 4 and 5 in Miami, emphasizing the potential that this technology has for enabling freedom and sovereignty around the world.

A dedicated Bitcoin room at the event’s New World Theater venue will gather Bitcoin educators and promoters with attending human rights activists, policymakers and philanthropists, providing overviews and hands-on workshops to demonstrate how anyone in the world can access financial freedom through Bitcoin.

“The goal of the Bitcoin Academy is to put 100-plus dissidents and human rights activists from more than 40 countries in the same room as the world’s top Bitcoin educators and builders for two days,” explained Alex Gladstein, the chief strategy officer for Human Rights Foundation, which organizes the forum. “We’ll make meaningful strides towards teaching global communities how to achieve financial freedom and privacy in an increasingly controlled and surveilled world, and we’ll also get fresh ideas into the Bitcoin community from some of the most creative and brave individuals on the planet, who work daily under incredibly adversarial environments.”