PR: VibeHub: Using Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology to Create Meta-World

VibeHub is an innovative platform that is specialised in the emerging VR/AR technologies, which is developed to revolutionise the way people interact and monetize content over the Internet. Creating a cutting-edge platform that employs virtual and augmented reality, which enables users to attend events such as live concerts, learn new skills, and interact with friends and family in virtual reality.

VibeHub Offical Token Sale is starting on August 22nd 2017.
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Vibe is the pioneer cryptocurrency for virtual reality used on VibeHub marketplaces and hubs, which is targeting the following market segments; music, education, dating/social and gaming. The ultimate goal is to create a marketplace and hub for all mainstream and niche markets. Each segment will have its own socio-economic marketplace that allows users to exchange services with the digital currency VIBE and host VR/AR live events, which they can choose to monetize. For instance, the music marketplace allows the musician to create a live virtual reality event, in which attendees pay a certain amount of Vibe Coins (e.g. 50 Vibes) being set by the musician to attend it. The attendees will be in the live event wherever they are in the world by simply having their VR/AR glasses on.

Moreover, the education marketplace allows tutors and instructors to teach and interact with users in the virtual world, and applies the same principles implemented in the music marketplace for creating the events that users pay Vibes to attend. For example, a yoga instructor can create a virtual yoga session, in which users pay (e.g. 50 Vibes) to attend the session virtually and learn yoga right from the instructor through virtual reality. However, the dating marketplace is a bit different as the interactions are likely to take place between two users, establishing the first of its kind virtual reality dating platform. The level of interaction in virtual reality goes further comparing to a phone call or online chat. Users will enjoy a more immersive experience with each other despite the distance between them. Simply find someone you are interested in, invite them into the virtual session, put your virtual reality glasses on and enjoy the high-end interaction with each other.

After all, VibeHub is introducing the very first marketplace that allows users from different parts of the world to attend events using the emerging VR/AR technologies, in which they develop new life skills, enjoy more interactive virtual reality music events, and find love all in open world without limitations.

VibeHub is already in beta and their technology is currently listed on the world renowned Oculus platform with their own beta channel. You can check out their youtube channel where they have released numerous videos showing off their technology.

For more information about VibeHub, their website is