Proteania Project to Launch Multi Interface Trading Mobile Application

The Vision of The Proteania Project is to create convenience under a one stop shop platform where all crypto assets can be traded across multiple platforms, with the convenience of withdrawal to local fiat in which ever country one may use the platform. By providing online real time quotes across various top global exchanges, users can have the opportunity of comparing prices and moving their assets around in ways that makes trading convenient and profitable. The quality of a product speaks to the ability and skills of the production team. The Proteania team is made of young and astute developers who have many years of experience working in payment systems, mobile app integration, network design, financial system and cryptocurrency value chain development. Together the team has experience spanning several years of entrepreneurship and innovation in the applied financial technology industry.

The Proteania Platform will serve both as a mobile exchange and also as an encrypted secured wallet. The Proteania dynamic platform is designed to bring about cutting edge innovation that will provide convenience and also bring solutions to some of the problems in the emerging cryptocurrency market, viz

The Protean Token, PRN allows for the creation of liquity through trading pairs of major cryptos against the token and also withdrawals using the Protean token as the base asset. It’s a new liquidity driven ecosystem that ensures that all market participants are able to enter and exit any digital asset that has comparable volume. It will be safe and secure to use, driven by modern embedded security and encryption technology which guarantees all market participants the best option regarding trade, movement, storage and retrieval of their digital asset at every point in time.
The Protean token is the fuel that powers the transfer of value accrosss multiple assets and across multiple global exchanges using API interfaces and gateway.

The Protean Token PRN will enable users to pay for various transaction cost associated with the used of the Proteania Platform. Since trading is done across various exchanges and assets, the Protean token allows for cost incurred on the Proteania Platform to be paid at fractional rate using the token. It shall also be traded against other major global cryptocurrencies. The Protean token will enable the transfer of value across all asset class, serving as a secured remittance platform. The Protean token, PRN is currently listed on

The alpha stage development of the Proteania Platform is ongoing and within the next 18 months, the testing will commence and then the beta version will be released. Full deployment of the Proteania Platform will be done within 24 months from the project launch date. This project launched date is 31 July 2019.