Public Sydney University Students can Earn Ethereum Through Mobile App Purchases

Students remain a key target group for cryptocurrency adoption. Several initiatives target students through airdrops of cryptocurrency education these days. A public university in Sydney is taking a different approach in this regard They will allow students to sign up for the Unify Rewards program.  As a result, participants can earn small amounts of Ethereum through mobile purchases.

It is always interesting to see how universities tackle the concept of cryptocurrencies. While still a niche market, we have seen some educational efforts in this regard. Moreover, regular airdrops across US universities have made some headlines as well. In Australia, things are being done in a different way. The new Unify Rewards program is pretty interesting to keep an eye on. Students are tasked with using dedicated mobile apps at stores in the area of Sydney University. For every 10 purchases, they receive $5 worth of  Ethereum.

Ethereum Rewards for Australian Students

This new program will run for around six weeks in total. There are about 500 participants, which is a solid number. Given the fact how most students seemingly don’t care about cryptocurrency, it will hopefully convert some souls. After all, no one says no to free money if it’s earned through legitimate means. This new project is made possible thanks to LoyaltyX. This startup has made an impact over the past few months already. Moreover, this initiative lets the university collect data about student behavior.

Whether or not this venture will be successful, remains to be seen. More and more students are becoming aware of cryptocurrencies and the value they have. Moreover, Australia will remove its cryptocurrency taxation by midway 2018. This paves the way for future growth and adoption. Although $5 worth of ETH may not seem like much, it may very well be worth $50 in a few years. No one knows what the future holds for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies right now.

Moreover, the question is whether or not we will more universities use some initiatives. They can get the attention of students for proper purposes and reward them with Bitcoin or Ethereum. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin and altcoins in the university world. It is now up to the facilities themselves to check out the potential and make some smart decisions. By late November of 2017, we will see whether or not this Australian initiative collected some good information or not.

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