Serial Entrepreneur, Marvin Steinberg, offers Advice to Rising Entrepreneurs who are interested in STOs


Entrepreneurs and businessmen recognize that continuously building successful and promising companies involves a lot of time, experience, and trial & error. Marvin Steinberg is showing the world that you don’t necessarily need to follow this to succeed in the business world.

Marvin Steinberg suffered a terrible knee injury that ended his sports career abruptly. Rather than being held back, he sought new opportunities and eventually found his path as he was the first person to use online marketing in a mostly offline industry. Marvin revolutionized the German energy sector.

Today, Marvin Steinberg has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures and has many success stories under his belt. Marvin Steinberg has worked as an executive partner at SWPRO and led the company to an inter-continental multi-million success in record time. 

Changing the Blockchain Industry

Marvin Steinberg started a partnership with Maximilian Schmidt, an expert Bitcoin application developers. Together, the duo founded CPI Technologies, a service that offers companies white-label tech solutions as well as marketing strategies to enable the sale of those solutions.

CPI’s clients have experienced an average yearly sales increase of up to 124% thanks to the use of custom and personalized marketing campaigns. Other fantastic statistics include a 420% increase in visitors, and a potential increase of over  $110,000 monthly average profit for each exchange offered by CPI. More than 43 successfully completed projects show how effective CPI solutions really are.

Marvin Steinberg and CPI Tech focus solely on STOs as ICOs can be riskier due to their unregulated nature. Marvin chooses to work with companies that are innovative and want to change the world to make sure users will get something useful at the end of the day.

Turning CPI into a Global Leader

Marvin Steinberg and his company CPI Tech are global leaders in providing blockchain software and STO solutions to startups or established companies.

CPI has recently embarked on a huge partnership with Times Square to tokenize a part of Times Square itself, a $700 million project that will enable people to invest in real estate easily.

The need for STO solutions growing as the blockchain sector gets more and more attention from big players like Facebook. STOs are expected to grow even more in 2020 as new initial coin offerings and new initial exchange offerings are losing momentum. Marvin Steinberg believes that STOs are a great way of fundraising.

The benefits of STOs

The blockchain industry has largely been associated with ICO lists, cryptocurrency airdrops, cryptocurrency bounties, aggressive news headlines, and active obscurance of the law.

However, there’s a global action, initiated by governments and legal agencies, to curb the negative aspects of the blockchain sector and push forward the positive aspects of this technology. Marvin Steinberg believes that security tokens are they key positive solution blockchain offers as they democrative access to opportunities that were not accessible to retail investors ever before. 
Marvin Steinberg is trying to educate the masses about security tokens and how companies can succeed at launching their own STOs. He has even created a short 2-minute quiz to help people and companies get a footing of their knowledge about security tokens. Marvin hopes that his efforts like the STO quiz and security token guidebook will draw greater interest to the positive aspects of the blockchain sector and the benefits it offers to the world.

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