Solomon Exchange ICO: SMNX ICO : Crowdsale Started: Get 15% Instant Bonus

Cryptocurrency exchange has become unbelievably prevalent in the 21st century, but too often you hear of lack of security and inadequate safety measures on platforms. This results in a lot of stress, hardship and ultimately, a loss of money for the user. Subsequently, amongst the frustration here at Solomon Exchange, we decided to combat this and design our own ICO and create a safe, secure and superb trading platform for people around the world. Our ICO, known as the SMNX ICO, guarantees you no risks; its security is extremely robust and it allows users to trade virtual money without the fear of getting hacked.

SMNX ICO is a truly amazing addition to a market that is craving something like this. Alongside its impenetrable security, it possesses outstanding features which will make it THE leading ICO on the market, and will change the game for the better. We are so excited to immerse the SMNX ICO into the market, and we can now confirm that it is now available for purchase! This ICO token sale will allow those who desire a smooth running, simple to use, impossible to breach trading platform the opportunity to purchase an ICO that epitomizes all of those things.

Solomon Exchange has launched the SMNX ICO following encouraging support from both the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, as well as label of ‘best upcoming prospect’ within the cryptocurrency exchange industry. If you are deeply interested in the trading of virtual money, and are serious about finding an ICO that ticks every single box, then you won’t want to miss out on the SMNX ICO.

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Total SMNX Supply: 15 million
Smart Contract Address: 0xd7dc42b78b5ca37ff5493598d5b6978dc98c3b38
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