Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser Bitcoin Lifestyle

Stacy Herbert met Max Keiser in a French internet café in 2003. To that point, her media career had been primarily spent behind the scenes as a script consultant and “development girl” in Hollywood and the stories Keiser was telling her about banking and finance, as well as the energy with which this former Manhattan-based standup comedian regaled her, inspired her to join forces with him.

“I’ve always been the intermediary between the audience and the talent, the movie stars, the TV stars, the comedic writers and stuff like that,” Herbert told Bitcoin Magazine. “Our conversations there were like, how to get the stories Max is telling me onto the screen, how to get it onto a podcast, back in 2003, before there were really podcasts.”

Since then, the pair has produced television content for the BBC and BBC World (a platform Herbert called “very oppressive,” but also the one that first brought her in front of the camera with Keiser), Al-Jazeera, the Iranian state-owned news network Press TV and Russian state-controlled network RT. This content has always pertained to the financial world, framing Wall Street banks as the antagonists and the system as rigged against the majority, but it wasn’t until Bitcoin came along that the pair found their protagonist, their “superhero,” as Herbert described it.