Survey: 56% of Australians Incorrectly Believe Elon Musk Invented Bitcoin

A report about the state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Australia for August released by Finder suggests that 56% of Australians believe Elon Musk invented Bitcoin. Finder, who carried out the study, qualified these beliefs as “incorrect.”

The report explains that Bitcoin was actually created by an anonymous person or small group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, as most Bitcoiners know. Apparently it is not that Australians believe Elon was Satoshi, but rather they believe that Elon simply “invented” Bitcoin.

Though it is absurd to think Elon invented Bitcoin, it is understandable that when pressed to name an creator, or if Elon’s name was presented in a list of candidates, it would stand out to the mind of an average Australian, as the report also indicates that more than half of Australians get their news from social media platforms on which fiat figures like Elon have an outsized reach in proportion to their understanding of Bitcoin. While Elon has a very rudimentary understanding of Bitcoin, he does enjoy a massive following on Twitter, and his Twitter antics are often correlated with temporary market movements.