TEAM ICO Launches: Blockchain Contribution Graph

TEAM aims to build a universal “Contribution Graph”: a verified, distributed & immutable register of projects & who contributed to them. Such a system can answer the following question: Who contributed what, where? e.g. “Linus Torvalds created the Linux Kernel” or “Brian Chesky co-founded AirBnB in 2008”. Such a register can be of tremendous value to the creative professions in the Open Source and Startup communities.

The TEAM Contribution graph can be used to assess a project contributor’s reputation, assign a fair equity split in early projects or even automatically compensate team members for the work they have done. There are 3 main components required to build such a graph: People, Roles & Projects. Roles (e.g. “CTO”, “Designer”, “Developer”) form the edges linking together People & Project nodes in a graph. Project & Role descriptions are reached by voted consensus among the People participating in a project.

The ICO’s contract code has been published on Github together with an example use case showing the utility of the TeamCoin token. TeamCoin Tokens will automatically be assigned when a buyer sends ETH to the contract address. The TMC tokens will become fully ERC20 compliant & tradeable once the ICO is finished. TeamCoin will become usable inside the TEAM system in Q4 2017.

Of special interest to prospective buyers are two documents: The whitepaper (pdf) outlining the system & ICO buying guidelines. MD5 hashes of these documents have been published inside the ICO Contract for sophisticated buyers to verify authenticity.

Symbol: TMC
Rate: 1 ETH = 25 TMC
Description: Blockchain Contribution Graph
Whitepaper PDF:
ICO PDF (contains contact address):
Start Date: Sep. 1st. 2017 (block 4226714)
End Date: Sep. 15th. 2017 (block 4276714)
Pre-Sale: Ended. Tokens sold in pre-sale reserved. Assignment process started.