The ultimate guide to getting your Bitcoin Cash – The BTC Blog


Heavy breathing, nightmares, and cold chills—if you are one of those bitcoin users who woke up with these symptoms, you are in the right place.

On August 1st, bitcoin split into two separate chains: bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC). So, how does this affect BTC users, and what should you do to gain the most out of the hard fork?

Step 1.: Log in to your wallet

Log in to your BTC wallet on your browser. Remember, while your BCC is safe whether you use the browser or the app version of the BTC wallet, the BCC extraction tool does not work in the app. We highly recommend you use your desktop.

Step 2: Start the recovery process

Upon login, you will be prompted with the recovery tool. Click “Begin,” then “Begin discovery.” Searching may take up to a few minutes, so sit tight.

Step 3: Receive your funds

At this point, if you have a bitcoin balance in your wallet, the tool will return that exact amount in BCC. You are then free to send it to your preferred Bitcoin Cash address! You may choose to deposit it in an exchange or in a wallet that supports BCC.

If you do not see any BCC funds found, and you have more than zero bitcoin, please contact our support team at


Please make sure to send your recovered Bitcoin Cash (BCC) to a wallet or service that supports BCC! At the moment, the BTC wallet does not display BCC balances, therefore in the last step of the recovery process, DO NOT transfer your BCC funds to your wallet address.

If you are not sure to which wallet or service you should transfer your BCC funds, do not worry—you can always do the recovery process later. Our wallet will safely store your BCC until that time.

Happy forking everyone! Stay tuned for more bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash related updates.