Traditional Media Outlet Amazed by Prime-Ex Perpetual, a Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Project

The ongoing debate whether tokenized investments are good or bad for investors won’t die anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped a blockchain-powered real estate project working its way up to prove the credibility and viability of intelligent, asset-backed ICOs.

Prime-Ex Perpetual, a Panama-based real estate company, recently appeared on a talk show hosted by prominent U.S. journalist and former market trader, Jane King. In an informative interview, the company’s CEO and co-founder, John Gilbert, and Director Theresa Schwark discussed their plans to tokenize the real estate industry and amazed the mainstream finance journalist with all of the innovation blockchain assets could bring.

The interview started with a formal introduction of the Prime-Ex Perpetual platform. Gilbert demonstrated how their company allows homebuyers to make payments using their institutionalized PEX-Tokens. Schwark added an explanatory layer to define the true purpose of having a tokenized real estate economy, stating that it simplifies the financing of real estate deals for Prime-Ex Perpetual’s clients.

The Prime-Ex Perpetual team went on explaining the benefits of their platform for homebuyers, especially for expats who are looking to buy American and European-style homes in Panama. Schwark mentioned Prime-Ex Perpetual’s first project, in which they will exhibit 100 homes — all available to be purchased using PEX tokens. She also introduced a very innovative buyback plan, in which expats can option their homes back to Prime-Ex Perpetual after two years of the date of purchase, a key feature of their flagship Revolution Loan.

“We just make it a lot easier for buyers to be able to move to Panama and live an expat lifestyle, without needing to deal with all the hurdles that are faced,” Schwark stated.

On being asked about the process to purchase homes in Panama using a tokenized real estate ecosystem, Gilbert took a turn to explain their streamlined protocol, stating that they are not worried about buyers’ credit scores or income proofs, but they are more focused on verifying assets.

“So you pay 25% down [payment], and for that, you get a modern American or European style home,” Gilbert added. “We would accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, US Dollars, Euro, Pound, and our own PEX-Token.”

“We incentivize our homebuyers to make their mortgage payments in PEX-Tokens. So, we give them an interest rate discount and that creates a beautiful organic demand for our PEX-Tokens inside of our own ecosystem.”

Even though the conversation was entirely about Prime-Ex Perpetual, its underlying tone favored the ICO industry, particularly when King queried about the reliability of blockchain assets like PEX-Tokens to be used as sound financial instruments. Gilbert’s reply focused on organic demand, explaining how the users’ agreement to circulate a blockchain asset within a functional ecosystem can drive its demand.

The interview proves that mainstream financial media outlets are actively taking interest in the blockchain projects, and their innovative method of raising funds. Prime-Ex Perpetual, meanwhile, utilized the opportunity aptly to demonstrate the true purpose of tokenized investments.

Watch the full interview: