Trust in BTC investment cryptocurrency fund become American

The latest news from the world of big crypto finance came from Estonia, where negotiations on a 100% buyout of Trust in BTC fund assets and the transfer of jurisdiction to Delaware, USA, have ended.

The entire amount of GLT tokens in the amount of 100 million units with a current value of 1.6 billion US dollars was purchased by a group of crypto investors. On July 1, 2022, GLT officially changed its name to LiON.

For the participants of the fund, the changes were minimal, and the current holders only noticed the name change while preserving all values. The change of jurisdiction will allow the foundation to open up new development prospects and offer new services to current and future participants.

Trust in BTC is a cryptocurrency fund created in 2019. At the moment, the growth of the internal LiON token has amounted to more than 1,500 percent. The main activity of the fund is classical trading on crypto exchanges.

At the same time, positional holding of major instruments is also present in the share of the main portfolio of the project. Since June 2022, the NFT segment has been identified as one of the areas for active development.

The change in the company’s management and main shareholders was marked by some key changes in the development of the project.

Firstly, each new participant has the opportunity to explore the world of crypto investments in an alternative way without investing in real funds. Each participant created a demo investment product – hold for 5000 USD.

This is a virtual amount that allows you to understand the benefits of investing in the project in the process.

To get a demo product, it is enough to register for the project. After opening a real hold, the hold provided for testing and demonstration is automatically sent to the archive.

Co-founder of the project Michael Kwon and ex-CEO claim that the project has a great future, as the potential of the crypto market is far from being disclosed, and the growth of the market to previous highs and above is a prospect of 1-2 years.

Moreover, the market has most likely already reached its local bottom.

If we talk about the sustainability of the project, the Trust in BTC fund survived the last market decline without serious failures. Moreover, since April 2022, there has been a steady increase in the price of the token.

Natalia Karman, the leading analyst of the fund, sees great potential for the growth of the LiON token to the limits of 20 USD per coin by the end of the year. This will be actively facilitated by the restoration of the crypto market to previous highs.