UQUID Coin: Token Sale Announced For The E-Commerce Revolutionizers

UQUID, the world’s premier service that lets users spend 90 different cryptocurrencies through their virtual debit card, has announced that it will hold an Initial Coin Offering in a bid to raise $100 million worth of cryptocurrencies to further develop their ecosystem. By providing an instantaneous and hassle-free way to cash out the 90 different cryptocurrencies, UQC seeks to pioneer a revolution in blockchain e-commerce.

Important Dates

UQC can be bought using BTC, ETH, as well as 88 other altcoins. 1 ETH is currently worth 222 UQC. The Early Bird sale kicks off on 2nd October at 10 AM GMT and offers UQC tokens for the first time to investors, at a discount of 20%. This discount will reduce to 10% from 7th October and will further drop to 5% by 12th October. After 17th October, UQC will no longer offer a discount and will be sold at the value of 166 UQC for 1 ETH. While 45% of the ICO funds will be set aside for development purposes, 30% will be dedicated towards working capital, 15% will cover for overhead costs, and 5% each will be allotted for legal and marketing expenditures.

Uquid Solutions And Services

UQUID is the world’s first company issue altcoin debit card supporting 90 coins that have a market cap of $123 billion. It is also the world’s premier service to provide mobile top-up with altcoin and is accepted by more than 600 mobile operators all over the world. The ease of access – it requires no credit history check and has free delivery to over 178 countries worldwide, has seen more than 11 million transactions processed from its launch in 2016, as well as over 51,000 cards delivered across 174 countries.

The company offers unlimited loading capabilities in USD, GBP, and EUR, which can be used to make payments for a range of services such as bundles, electricity, grocery, landline, pharmacy, transportation, TV, and Wifi. UQUID also offers E-Wallet solutions and has a huge network of popular worldwide e-currency exchange partners such as Paypal, Western Union, and OK Pay to name a few.

UQC: A Roadmap For The Future

UQUID coin (UQC) is supported by the UQUID ecosystem and provides a prompt and convenient way to link the digital wealth of users with the physical world by offering a risk-free way to trade digital currency. UQUID clearly lays out a roadmap for working their way towards their end goal of achieving money transfer with coins. Their next objective is to create a coin trading exchange platform, after which they plan to engage in a social coin management fund in order to maximize the profit of altcoins.

Once that bridge has been crossed, the team plans to revolutionize blockchain e-commerce by building a card-less crypto payments UQC shopping system that lets users connect with e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay directly with CSS. By 2022, the team predicts that UQUID bank will be able to fully support direct transfer from blockchain to cash or banks worldwide.

Media Contact

Tran Hung
CEO, Founder
Tel: +44 (0) 24 7625 2248
Email: hello@uquid.com
Skype: uquid.support
Twitter: @uquidcard