ViaBTC is closing down their Exchange on September 30th – Crypto News 24/7 – Bitcoin News

On September 4th, China’s central bank together with six other departments released a public statement on regulatory policies and warning the risks of ICO projects.

ViaBTC has made a decision to carry out the policy imposed my PBOC for all Bitcoin exchanges without EXCEPTION to close down until they draw a legal framework (license) for them to operate.

This is the official statement and dates from ViaBTC website.

 ViaBTC ( has made a serious decision to carry out the spirits of the policy – we will officially close the website for exchange business in Mainland China on September 30th. Before that we will complete processing of all withdrawal requests of CNY and cryptocurrency assets. ViaBTC mining pool ( and cloud mining services will not be affected.

The arrangements are as follows:

Sept 25th: Closing of registration, asset deposits and all trading pairs

Sept 30th: Closing of website

Please make sure to withdraw all your assets including CNY and cryptocurrency before September 30th, after which ViaBTC website will be officially closed in Mainland China.

OKCoin and Huobi are next to release such statements since this closures are 100% necessary in order to create the legal framework that the Chinese government is wishing for.

Meanwhile, the panic on the market is unstable but it will come back as soon as the mist is more clear.