Why You Should Be Optimistic About The Future Of Bitcoin

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Austrian economics is a very common topic of discussion and study within the bitcoin community. Being the base economic theory upon which we find bitcoin resting, it makes sense that understanding this would be a primary lead for someone to get into bitcoin. Josef Tětek, one of our regular contributors here at Bitcoin Magazine, is an example of this.

Tětek has written some fantastic articles for us, including “Your Financial Data Is Not Private, Bitcoin Can Fix That,” “Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Rejuvenate Your Hope In Life” and “Bitcoin Is The Sustainable Money Europe Deserves.” Bullish on both bitcoin and on life, Tětek maintains an optimistic outlook that bears witness to the good bitcoin is capable of doing.

In our interview, we discussed how his foundations in Austrian economics lead him to Bitcoin, and how the reverse is often true of bitcoiners. We then discussed how Bitcoin has impacted his life, both in personal preferences and in his career. We touched on what he believes is the most important part of people’s bitcoin education — in his opinion, an understanding of fiat. Finally, we discussed what he is looking forward to in the space, and his bullish price thoughts. He said, “in the short term, we are usually too optimistic. In the long term, we are too pessimistic.”