Will bitcoin ever be a safe investment or always a gamble? | Money

The boss of JP Morgan was unequivocal about bitcoin at a recent conference in New York: the digital currency was only fit for drug dealers and would eventually blow up. “[It] isn’t going to work,” said Jamie Dimon. “You can’t have

Countdown to the Rhea ICO Launch

Rhea is launching the Crypto20 trading platform, a capitalization index of the top 20 cryptocurrencies enabling investors to hedge their investments across a range of the top rated, by market cap, cryptocurrencies. The Rhea ICO will begin on Monday, October

Swiss Regulators Investigating ICOs, Still Support Blockchain

The Swiss financial regulatory board, Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), has increased its investigations into ICOs in Switzerland, according to a press release yesterday. The move comes after a substantial uptick in the number of ICOs based in the country, according to

More Trust In Government Than Bitcoin

Patrick Harker, the head man at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, took the stage during a fintech event to question the trust factor involved in money. The Fed spokesman made it clear that Bitcoin still lacks the trust that dollars possess. He also

IBM’s Future Blockchain Projects May Give New Meaning to its Name

Juniper Research has released the results of a survey indicating that International Business Machines (IBM) is the top provider of Blockchain among all other companies, with 43% of the vote. Instead of “International Business Machines,” IBM could very well stand

WSJ Cites Bitcoin’s Most Volatile Quarter, Facts Say Otherwise

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal critiqued Bitcoin for having an unusually volatile quarter, with prices ranging from peak levels at $5,000 all the way down to $3,000 lows. Such volatility is unprecedented, according to the author who said:  “Bitcoin