P2P Trading Platform CryptoLocally Adds Native Token: GIV


CryptoLocally has added its own native token to the peer-to-peer trading platform for users who want access to special features.

With the current global pandemic situation, cryptocurrency exchanges have been exploring ways to expand. In the past weeks, CryptoLocally has added numerous tokens, including USDJ, JUST, USDT-TRC20, and now GIV.

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What is GIV?

GIV is CryptoLocally’s native token that will allow traders to take advantage of numerous special features. The P2P market place homes these special features will make GIV stand out from other native tokens.

There are various means of obtaining GIV, ranging from just signing up to be an active trader on our platform. The more GIV users get, the more they will be able to take advantage of the unique features that come with owning GIV. 

How Can Users Gain GIV?

After signing up on CryptoLocally, all users automatically receive 10 GIV. Additionally, new users to the platform will receive a one-time “Spin-the-wheel” gift where they can spin a wheel containing various GIV prizes right after signing up. 

Users can also earn GIV through CryptoLocally’s referral program, which allows both parties to earn free GIV immediatelyOn top of that, earn 0.1 GIV for every 10 USD of a completed trade made by the referrals forever.

While these methods allow users to gain their first tokens easily, the best way to earn GIV is through active trading. Being active on the platform will enable users to  make GIV based on the trade amount, with a ratio of up to 1 GIV per 10 USD traded! 

Since GIV is stored directly on CryptoLocally’s platform, there is no need to worry about getting an additional wallet. While being an active trader on CryptoLocally is the fastest way to gain GIV, traders can also buy GIV from Binance DEX.

Why Use GIV?

GIV has several benefits that are unique compared to other native tokens. Here are some of the benefits and why you should consider using GIV: 

1. Get paid to trade: By trading on CryptoLocally, users will earn GIV based on the trade amount, with a ratio of up to 1 GIV per 10 USD traded. Thus, the more users trade the more GIV they will earn.

2. Refer friends, earn GIV

3. Earn 5 GIV for every referral you make and then earn additional GIV based on the trade amount your referrals make!

4. Coupons that facilitate trading: 50% off Coupons: For 800 GIV, users can purchase this coupon, which will reduce trading fees by 50% for one trade.

Boosts: For 600 GIV, users can purchase a “boost” that will place it at the top of the list when applied to an offer. 

4. Access to the Tier system

Bronze: Just by signing up all users are placed into the Bronze Tier. Being in this tier allows them to earn GIV from signing up, referring friends, and actively trading on the platform. In addition, you can spin a GIV wheel and receive a GIV gift. Additionally, after each completed trade, users will be awarded GIV based on the trade amount, with a ratio of 0.8 GIV per 10 USD traded.

Silver: To gain access to the Silver Tier benefits, users must maintain a GIV balance of at least 250 thousand GIV. At this level, they will get 25% off on all their trade fees + all of the perks from the Bronze tier. Similarly to the bronze tier, you will be awarded GIV based on the trade amount, with a ratio of 0.88 GIV per 10 USD traded.

Gold: This is the highest tier and is attainable by maintaining a GIV balance of at least 1 million. While this may seem difficult to reach, users in the Gold Tier will get 50% off on all of their trade fees. At the highest tier, you will experience the highest level of GIV rewards, allowing you to earn GIV based on the trade amount, with a ratio of 1 GIV per 10 USD traded.

GIV is now available on CryptoLocally and can be obtained by signing up.

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