Bitcoin providing a decentralised solution to money

Bitcoin is a virtual currency not backed by anything physical, it is important to know that it is not a stock it is currency it may be different from the traditional currency that people are familiar with for example the USD or EUR which are all backed by specific countries.

The blockchain that is like a ledger, does a very good job at keep the information safe about how much bitcoins an individual has in their wallet there are thousands of computers which are minding bitcoins so it’s next to impossible to lie about the number of bitcoins a person actually possesses, which shirks the bracket of fraud next to none because in order to hack the system an individual would have to take down thousands of computers because there is no one computer that holds the ledger.

Bitcoin gives you complete control over your money online that you might not experience with any other loan that you apply for like in the case of bad credit card loans, other assets you own are regulated by banks and a nutshell bitcoin is a transparent ledger without a central authority.

you can use your bitcoin as an asset like any other asset to get a loan, a bitcoin loan is like the loan offered at banks. You can do that by putting your bitcoin as collateral before applying for a loan.


You can apply for a bitcoin loan through an online service, you simply have to provide details about your crypto assets and fill out an application as soon as your loan is approved the borrower will need to send collateral when the collateral is received the loan will be disbursed in the borrower’s account. The amount for domestic and international loans can range from $10,000 to $100,000 while the maximum amount of loans could be around $1 million, but it varies from the online service you choose to apply for the loan from. In some cases, it is important to remember that if the value of the collateral significantly drops the borrower will have to add more collateral to the account in order to maintain the loan value.


There are several advantages of getting a bit coin loan, it does not require any credit check un like the one with bad credit car loan, so even if you don’t have a good credit score you will still remain eligible, it has a low-interest rate at 1percent per month to 8 percent , you can apply for it from anywhere in the world. You can have your loan payout in EUR, USD or BTC but the choice is yours, and you can pay the installments in the same currency. It is recommended that if you are using BTC as your loan currency just do it for crypto-related businesses. You can get the loan starting from 6 weeks up to 5 years.


With bitcoins only you can access your funds, No government or bank account can freeze your account or confiscate your holdings, bitcoins also cuts a lot of the middle men that you would need if you have bad credit car loan, from the process of money transfer this means that in many cases bitcoins are cheaper to use then traditional wire transfers or money orders because bitcoin was designed to be digital by today’s time with a mobile phone and a click of a button any individual can start trading using bitcoins no permission required. There are many traders that accept bitcoins you can book a flight or a hotel if you please, there are even bitcoin debt cards that allow you to pay at almost any store with your bitcoin balance.

If you need to apply for a loan and are worried that you have a bad credit history there is no need to stress as there are options available that will give you a loan even if it means bad credit car loan, where you can maximize the chance to get accepted even if you have had a bad credit history, the first thing you should do is to check your credit history this will help you understand how good your credit actually is and give you a chance to improve anything that might be wrong.

Improving your credit history is not as difficult as people might think in these cases knowledge is power so bring that power to use and optimize it to the best of your abilities to yield results that will be useful in the long run.

For instance, buying a car which is a basic necessity in todays time and is one of the most expensive buy requires you to keep your credit scores high, but there are still places you can turn to for a loan when it comes to purchasing a car, there are companies that specialize in accepting applications for loans form borrows with bad credit, no credit or even the ones who have experienced bankruptcy at any point in their lives.

You will be required to show proof of a steady income and fill out a questionnaire about your employment situation, after which you can buy a car of your own choice through a prenuptial customized financing plan. Like any nature of the loan, you want to apply for these are the prerequisites that you have to fulfill in order to apply for a car loan.