Bitsgap: The Only Digital Assistant for Crypto Trading You Need

Cryptocurrencies keep getting increased interest, while the market keeps getting momentum. There are an array of different strategies to adopt when attempting to profit from this fast-paced market, some of which include day trading, swing trading, and long-term investment, which is basically holding. All these trading strategies can be performed in both manual and automatic modes.

The mental and physical input into the process of manual trading may seem difficult, especially for beginners. The stakes are getting even higher when the market gets highly volatile. This is the moment when investors can fully benefit from automated bots, without getting involved in every inch of the trading process.

What is Automated Trading?

Automated trading involves the use of pre-installed algorithms for trading cryptocurrencies. Also known as algorithmic trading, it helps investors capitalize on every trading opportunity. The most efficient Bitcoin trading bots are able to capture quick and short-lived market moves, regardless of their direction, unlike manual trading, where the trader may miss these temporary and profitable movements.

Despite not being fully involved in every trade that bots make, the trader’s input is still required to configure bots to operate in alignment with his trading plan. These can be programmed to generate returns in the long-term perspective or get maximum from a sudden market surge. Trading bots may be tuned to stop operating after reaching target profit levels or work until traders close them manually.

There are many online platforms on the market that provide automated trading services and allow investors to connect their accounts on exchanges to trading algorithms. However, only a few stand out and have received positive reviews from users globally. Among them is the Bitsgap platform.

What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is a cloud-based crypto trading platform established in 2017. It enables investors to monitor their portfolios from exchanges in a single interface. Aside from this, Bitsgap offers a wide range of services that includes one of the market’s best-automated bots, arbitrage trading, demo trading, and various signals and indicators. Bitsgap’s automated trading tools are a major attraction for investors around the world and are widely used by them.

With support for more than 25 crypto exchanges, crypto investors may connect their accounts on different exchanges via APIs to use trading bots and access their accounts through the Bitsgap platform. Major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken recognize the Bitsgap platform and help their users facilitate this connection.

The Bitsgap platform was established by a group of traders, experts, and programmers who felt the need to create tools that will make cryptocurrency trading simple and profitable. Bitsgap aims to be a sovereign and efficient solution for automated trading via a wide variety of analytical tools. Let’s take a look at some of these tools.

Trading with Bitsgap

Using the popular trading interface TradingView investors have access to more than 100 technical indicators and over 50 tools for drawing and customizing charts and patterns. They can also access the interface of different exchanges, switching through them as long as they are connected to the Bitsgap platform.

Bitsgap has made trading more comfortable for users by allowing them to switch between day and night modes. Its trading interface also features open positions, recent trades, and trade history, and enables investors to view and manage the balance on each of their portfolios.

Bitsgap platform has set up different trading orders giving more options to investors in their trading journey. Some of these orders can be found on most crypto exchanges. They include:

  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: These tools help investors hedge against losses when a trade does not go as planned.
  • Market Order: This order type allows the purchase of crypto assets at the best price available on the exchange.
  • Stop-limit Order: Investors use this order type to execute trades at any price of their choice.
  • Shadow Order: This is a unique order type and will most likely not be what major crypto exchanges offer. Investors who utilize this order are allowed to trade off an exchange’s order book until their price target is met.

Bitsgap Trading Bot

Bots for trading crypto are Bitsgap’s most enviable feature that has proven to be extremely useful for investors who intend to automate the profit flow from their investments. Analytical instruments help investors make decisions on which cryptocurrency to buy and when to sell it.

These bots ration investments in line with a trader’s preferred range while maximizing returns on each investment. Although the gains made on them could be small, they are frequent and would be worthwhile at the end of each trading period.

Bitsgap’s trading bots work round the clock such that as soon as one order is executed, another is placed immediately. They continue to do this every time a small and profitable opportunity surfaces. One major advantage of trading bots is that even when the market is declining, they limit a trader’s losses by taking advantage of a brief uptrend.

Investments are distributed using the grid strategy, whereby a trader’s price range is divided into multiple levels. Bitsgap Classic bot purchases and sells off the same amount of the base cryptocurrency on each level, while the SBot sticks with the same amount of quote currency per level. This makes Sbot most effective on the sideways market, while the Classic bot performs at its best during the uptrend.

The Combo bot is another great trading instrument that is now working only with Binance Futures. It combines grid and DCA technology with leveraged trading that dramatically increases potential profits. However, such a performance boost comes at a price and may lead to partial or even total liquidation of a deposit in case of choosing the wrong trend direction.

To launch trading bots, you must possess initial funds on your exchange accounts. The minimum deposit is determined by the exchange, the trading pair you have chosen, and the number of orders you want to be placed by the bot.

After connecting their exchange’s API to Bitsgap, users may pick a trading pair, the number of grid levels, and the amount of money they want to invest. Before going ahead and activating the bot, they can back-test the bot on historical data with Bitsgap’s backtesting feature.

Through Bitsgap’s demo account, investors can test out their strategies before going live. The demo account is absolutely risk-free and does not require any initial investments.

Bitsgap is truly a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency trading as it features crypto portfolio management, arbitrage, trading signals, demo accounts, trading bots, all integrated into one platform.

Ordinarily, if investors were to access these features, they might have to sign up on different platforms or download multiple apps, while Bitsgap unites them all inside one clear and informative interface.