The King is a Fink

It’s true, I’ve always enjoyed reading the paper. When I was younger I used to track the price of gold daily in my grandfather’s copy of the Wall Street Journal. Before that though, I was drawn to the funnies. The

American Express Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Proof-of-Payment System

Multinational financial services corporation American Express has shown increased interest towards blockchain-based technology. Following in the footsteps of major competitors like Mastercard, the company has filed a patent for a proof-of-payment system based on blockchain technology.   American Express —

Decentralised Capital Launches Australia’s First Cryptocurrency Vault

Blockchain and investment company Decentralised Capital has announced the launch of Australia’s first ever cold storage vault for digital assets. The vault was created in partnership with Custodian Vaults, a subsidiary of precious metals firm Pallion Group. According to Stephen

Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses

Mining The Kodak-branded bitcoin mining rigs unveiled at the CES technology trade show this year will no longer be available to mine for customers. Amid scam accusations, the company behind the Kodak Kashminer crypto mining scheme has reportedly confirmed the

China Sees 454% Increase in Companies with ‘Blockchain’ in Name

Today’s $1,000 bitcoin price rally aside, the cryptocurrency market might be enduring a bear cycle triggered by vanishing consumer interest, but blockchain, it seems, is still big business — particularly in China. Citing government data sourced from Chinese-language outlet Qixin,

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Programmed to Pump

Despite non-stop criticism, obituaries, and competition from altcoins, Bitcoin has undeniable advantages — ensuring that its value will keep rising for decades to come.  It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough people

XRP Technical Analysis

On a weekly basis, XRP is up 14 percent as buyers continue to reverse their two month losses and syncing with April’s rally. As it is, buyers are in charge and poised to gain more thanks to the resurgent ETH

Blockchain Evolutions in Switzerland: Voting and Banking

Recently, much of the news related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain was surrounding their developments in Switzerland. This country — which is widely known in the financial world for its robust financial services offered and for the privacy given to a

Canada’s Large Credit Union Coalition Joins Blockchain Consortium R3

The Large Credit Union Coalition (LCUC), a group comprising of the chief information officers (CIOs) of the 16 largest credit unions in Canada, has joined New York-based blockchain consortium R3, according to an announcement published July 17. The LCUC, whose

Tech Giant Oracle Launches Blockchain Cloud Service Platform

Tech giant Oracle has formally launched its much-anticipated blockchain service, and many global organizations have already jumped aboard the platform. News of Oracle’s new blockchain platform first came to light in May, as reported by CCN. At the time, Thomas