​​Farcaster sees 400% increase in daily active users amid ‘frames’ frenzy

The Farcaster network has notched nearly 25,000 daily active users following amid a surge of new interest in a new innovation called “frames” on its Warpcast app.

Daily active users on the Farcaster protocol — a decentralized network for social media applications — has spiked a staggering 400% over the last week following the introduction of “frames” on its social media application Warpcast.

Daily active users on the Farcaster network grew from approximately 5,000 on Jan. 28 to over 24,700 by Feb. 3, according to Dune Analytics data. Frames were added to Warpcast on Jan. 27.

The influx of new user activity has been linked to a spike in interest for “frames” — a new innovation that allows users to engage with external links and applications without leaving the Warpcast app.

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