El Salvador exit polls show Nayib Bukele to win election

Exit poll data show Nayib Bukele’s Nueva (New) Ideas party holding 87% of votes, while official numbers are expected to come in shortly.

Pro-Bitcoiner Nayib Bukele is widely expected to run for a second term as El Salvador’s president after new exit poll data indicates his party has won 87% of the votes. 

Bukele, who leads the “Nueva (New) Ideas” party, reposted an X post from CID Gallup on Feb. 5, showing him his party holding 87% of votes, while his closest competitors Manuel Flores and Joel Sanchez hold 7% and 4% of the votes. Should the official results show a similar lead, he would serve as president until 2029.

In an X post, Bukele said his own party’s data shows he has won the election with more than 85% of the votes and a minimum of 58 out of 60 deputies in the assembly. 

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