African Golix Exchange Values Bitcoin at Over $9,000 Right now

Most Bitcoin exchanges around the world all attribute the same value to Bitcoin. That is a significant feat, given how Bitcoin is a free market. It is not safe from speculation and manipulation by any means, though. What is rather interesting is the current Bitcoin price on the Golix exchange. They position Bitcoin at a value of just over $9,000.

Arbitrage opportunities between cryptocurrency exchanges on different continents is nothing new. We have seen major price discrepancies over the past few years. Some regions even pay a premium to buy Bitcoin these days, for some unknown reason. However, it doesn’t happen all that often one exchanges sells BTC at over 1.5 times the global average. That is exactly what is happening on the Golix exchange right now, though.

Interesting Bitcoin Price on Golix

No one will be surprised to learn this platform has little trading volume. At those prices people would be mad to buy BTC. Then again, there aren’t too many African exchanges to come by these days. Golix is mainly active in Zimbabwe, according to our information. That is one of the poorest countries in the world right now. It is remarkable people can even spend money to buy Bitcoin there.

For those thinking the prices are in Zimbabwean Dollars, think again. A price of $9,000 ZWD would make one BTC worth under $25. It is evident there is a hefty premium being paid on this exchange. No one knows for sure why that is the case, though. It is not something arbitrage traders can take advantage of either. Without proper verification documents, setting up an account and withdrawing funds is impossible. A golden opportunity for those who can take advantage of it, though.

What is even more remarkable is how the highest price per BTC was $10,100 not too long ago.Golix has never seen a price below $8,880 either. It is possible this is still a pretty new exchange, though. Their 30-day volume is just 114.3 BTC, which is pretty small. Then again, it shows some people will gladly pay an arm and a leg for Bitcoin. We can only hope their purchases will not backfire in the future.