Aigang Blockchain Protocol to Claim Profits from Insurance Investments

September 13, 2017, Singapore – The leading blockchain protocol for digital insurance, Aigang has launched its insurance investment platform demo. The new investment platform invites people to contribute their testnet ETH to see the platform from investor’s point of view. Currently, the platform allows claiming daily profits based on the invested amount (ROI).

The insurance investment platform is currently available as a demo on the testnet as the company prepares for an alpha release. With the overall development of the blockchain insurance ecosystem going according to an earlier laid out plan in the official whitepaper, the investment platform will be capable of performing a suite of functions to ensure profitability of all the participants.

Investors interested in adding Aigang insurance investment platform into their (crypto)portfolio can choose the product pool of their choice. These insurance product pools are accompanied by information about the assessed risk, predicted profit, etc., to encourage informed decision making among the investors while ensuring transparency in the whole process. Once convinced about the choice, they can proceed with the purchase of insurance tokens representing the respective investment pools.

The Aigang investment platform provides users with an investor dashboard, representing the user profile which includes information about their contributions, projected profits, risk, and the status of each pool. Meanwhile, those purchasing the tokens will be able to hold for the right to share profits or trade them in secondary markets. Some of other platform functions include collection and real-time monitoring of insurance premiums, processing claims, and payouts.

The Singapore based Aigang has already started disrupting the insurance market by introducing digital insurance blockchain protocol. The P2P investment platform is the protocol’s core as it enables full peer-to-peer insurance vision. It will also cover many complex insurance parts and help automate the whole process.

The functional Demo version of Aigang’s latest achievement is available at –

About Aigang Network 
The Aigang Network’s blockchain protocol offers next-generation digital insurance for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and smart contracts. The company is making a huge headway into the InsurTech segment, preparing itself for the new wave of technology changes bound to happen in the near future.

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