Apple is poised to bring metaverse mainstream and dominate the market

If the past is any predictor, soon everyone will be wearing computers on their faces.

Apple’s biggest new hardware launch in decades happened on Feb. 2 when the Vision Pro spatial computer hit the United States market. Based on the reported preorder sales and the company’s history of hardware hits, there are plenty of reasons for metaverse enthusiasts to be optimistic for the future. 

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing device that takes the form of an augmented reality headset. Not to be confused with virtual reality, the Vision Pro gives users a view of the world outside of their headset and then overlays that reality with digital imagery. Essentially, it turns the physical world into your computer desktop.

The distinction between spatial computing and virtual reality is an important one. Despite positive gaming sales and steady enterprise adoption, virtual reality hasn’t managed to grab a foothold in the mainstream consumer market.

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