Artemine Creates Major Technical Breakthrough, Introduces Public Mining

ICOs are proliferating everywhere. Even accounting for the Chinese government ICO ban, the number of ICOs continues to rise with many continuing to forge ahead.

Further, as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, consumers are seeking to join in with the early adopters and take advantage of mining profits.

Mining coins manually, without any mining equipment

Minereum (MNE), the first self-mining smart contract ever created, has released version 2.0 called Artemine. This new platform is intended to continue the evolution of smart contract mining technology with added benefits and features for users.

Artemine creates a major technical breakthrough by introducing public mining, which allows anyone to mine coins manually without mining equipment.

What’s more, as part of the Artemine roadmap, an ICO Factory will be created, as an update to the already existing Minereum Token Creation Service that allows anyone to create a fully functional Ethereum token in exchange for a small MNE fee.

The ICO factory, coupled with a platform allowing the creation of tokens, users will be able to create their own ICO smart contract which will simplify the whole process of setting up an ICO. All these features within the Artemine ecosystem are available for a symbolic amount of ARTE, the Artemine token.

Artemine will be launched as an ICO starting on Sept. 14. ETH and MNE will be accepted in the ICO and all MNE received will be burned. A graduating bonus scale will apply so that investors who are early in the ICO will receive greater rewards than later investors.

Genesis freedom

Beyond simply the freedom created by the ICO factory and self-mining, it is important to note that in the self-mining principle, the concept of genesis addresses is introduced.

Artemine will attempt to create a new market by allowing consumers to autonomously sell their genesis addresses without the need for a middleman, exchange or any third party. The sale will proceed directly via a smart contract in a peer-to-peer transaction.

While some non-technical cryptocurrency users may find this information confusing, this brings the possibility for a new and radically decentralized market to be created.

Not only will the existing market exist where coins are traded, but the new platform will create a market where full control over genesis addresses will be handed to the users. The addresses are sold and transferred with the full security of the Blockchain.

For more information check out Artemine on Twitter, or take a few minutes to dive into their informative whitepaper. The radical change that Minereum brought to the marketplace continues with the release of Artemine.


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