Asset Token Creates the World’s First 100% Risk Free Initial Coin Offering

The Asset Token Team has implemented a radical, never before seen Refund Contract that will allow Buyers of Asset Tokens to refund/exchange back to Ethereum. Todd Nichols of Asset Token believes this is the best way to create trust within the ICO eco-system that is currently unregulated. The refund is intended to put buyers at ease by totally removing all risk from owning Asset Tokens. The Refund Contract puts the pressure on the Asset Token Team to deliver and create value to the Asset Token and Buyers.

The ICO Market is currently booming with many investors trying to get into the next big thing. Most projects are simply white papers making claims of a project that are no way near completion. Asset Token ERC20 is a Patent Pending Transferable, Decentralized Credit Card Rewards Point Token running on the Ethereum Network. This Token can be implemented now with an integration to a major bank. Many in the Financial Technology space agree that Asset Token is a huge innovation for the banks.

Asset Token is currently funded by Private Money through our Private Smart Contract. These Asset Tokens are not available for Refund, however, carry a better purchase rate. Upon a sale of Asset Tokens to a Financial Institution at a valuation of 1 Dollar (USD) the Private Asset Token Holders may elect to sell to a Bank First. Public holders of Asset Tokens are next in line to sell their Asset Tokens. The Asset Token Team will also list onto a Major Crypto Currency Exchange when liquidity of the Asset Token is satisfactory.

Dennis Lyon, Technical Advisor to Asset Token believes the Refund Contract shows Buyers just how much we believe in our technology. He believes this type of Smart Contract is good for the Ethereum ecosystem especially in the wake of the many ICO scams and unrealistic projects. Asset Token is setting itself apart from the crowd as a Utility Token with no risk to buyers and well away from possible regulation violations.

The Major Objectives of the Asset Token Team Include:

•    Buyer Protection through the Asset Token Refund Smart Contract
•    Creating Value for Investors, Buyers, and the Company
•    Industry Growth, Awareness, and Adoption of Block Chain Technologies

The Asset Token Team is in current talks with several Financial Institutions for sale and integration of the Asset Token. Asset Token is currently selling the Asset Token Product utilizing a Private and Public Smart Contract. Please visit us at for more information on our product.

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