Atlant ICO: World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

It is a dream of many people to own property, but in today’s day and age of extremely expensive properties and tough markets, many will not. Until ATLANT came around, that is. The team at ATLANT is building a blockchain-based real estate platform, which looks to change the world of real estate and deal with some of the problems that come along with investing in real estate in the traditional manner.

Their ICO goes live on September 7th 2017 and the starting price is 1 ETH for 505 ATL (with a Bonus of 19%, as well). If you are new to this type of thing, 1 ETH = around USD $310 (as of writing this article, check here for an updated conversion). So now that you know about the ICO and what it will cost you to get involved, let’s learn a little more about what ATLANT is trying to do with their platform.

ATLANT will work by having individuals purchase tokens which will represent individual shares in a real estate asset. So instead of having to pony up tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars to get involved in real estate investing, you can get involved and diversify your investments for much less.

While it is great for creating a lower barrier of entry into the real estate ownership market, it could also be great for renters too. ATLANT will reduce fees for everyone and make deals happen in an instant, compared to many rental negotiations and deals which can take weeks.

This system will also stop fake or faulty reviews (as it is extremely secure), which have been a big issue on sites like Airbnb. These fake reviews hurt both the renter and the person who owns the home and can cause some major headaches or disagreements.

This turns the real estate market into one that is truly P2P. There is no more middle man or lawyers necessary when it comes to acquiring stakes in properties. This platform and creation will make listings more honest and there will be many reviews readily available to ensure transparency.

There are a number of very cool and innovative things ATLANT is doing to address the many problems with real estate including:

  • A tamper-proof record of all agreements and asset ownership to ensure everything is legitimate.
  • Making sure that all prices are transparent and easily searchable.
  • No matter how large or small your portfolio, the tokens are divisible so you will always be able to invest.
  • Much lower fees than traditional methods of investing in real estate.

This platform has the potential to change the game when it comes to real estate, and they have already raised $1.5 Million with a presale. With the ICO a day away, we are excited to see what comes next from the team at ATLANT.

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