Bitcoin Open Interest Reaches $69,000 ATH Levels, What This Means For Price

The Bitcoin open interest has been on the rise over the last few weeks as the price has climbed continuously. This sustained rise in the open interest is a reflection of the heightened interest in the cryptocurrency since the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs for trading. The BTC open interest has now climbed to historical levels, reaching 2021 all-time high levels.

Bitcoin Open Interest At 2021 Levels

According to data from Coinglass, the Bitcoin open interest has risen to more than $24 billion. This growth represents around a 50% jump in the open interest since the year 2024 began. But more importantly, the open interest has risen to levels not seen since 2021.

Looking at the open interest chart, the last time that the Bitcoin OI was this high was back in November 2021, when the cryptocurrency reached its all-time high price of $69,000. This rise in the OI has been consistent across crypto exchanges, with CME, Binance, and ByBit leading the charge and commanding more than 50% of the open interest.

Source: Coinglass

The continuous rise has also come with a rise in the greed levels among crypto investors. Currently, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index is sitting firmly in Greed, suggesting that crypto investors are in a place where they are willing to take more risks than usual.

Implications For The BTC Price

With the Bitcoin open interest this high, it could end up being negative for the BTC price. This is because past performances where the open interest has risen so rapidly have often ended in a market crash. The same was the case in 2021 when the Bitcoin OI had set its previous record.

In 2021, when the BTC price crossed $69,000 and the open interest crossed $22 billion, the euphoria was incredibly high as it is now. However, this would be short-lived, with a market crash happening shortly after. The BTC price would eventually go from $69,000 to $46,000 by December, dropping by almost 40% in the space of one month.

If this same trend were to repeat itself in the current trend, then there could be a massive crash in the cards for Bitcoin. A similar decline would see Bitcoin fall back toward $41,000, which would wipe out the gains of the last few weeks.

However, there are different factors at play in the current market, such as Spot Bitcoin ETF issuers seeing massive interest in their exchange-traded products. Just last week, inflows into Spot BTC ETFs reached a new record of $2.2 billion. So if these large institutions continue buying BTC to meet the demand of their customers, then the BTC price could continue to rally.

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