Bitcoin Price Surges by 5% to $8,250 After Precarious Drop

On Sunday, Bitcoin (BTC) found itself suffering, with bulls failing to step in to save the cryptocurrency from falling through the ever-important $8,000 support level.

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By Monday morning, the Bitcoin price hit $7,800 — a level that analysts said would be a “make or break” for the cryptocurrency bull market.

However, at the 11th hour, bulls finally made their presence known. As seen above, when all seemed lost — analysts were expecting a precipitous drop to $6,500 — Bitcoin finally mounted a recovery.

As of the time of writing this, the cryptocurrency has rallied by 5% to retake $8,250.

While the reversal is not yet set in stone, many analysts are optimistic that this recovery from the important $7,800 level may precede further gains.

Bitcoin Ready to Head Higher

CNN-featured analyst Luke Martin, the founder of CoinistResearch, recently noted that if Bitcoin can close some short-term candles (4-hour, 12-hour) above the $8,300 zone, he would expect the bullish momentum to bring BTC to $8,700 to $9,000.

Prominent trader Crypto Rand echoed this optimism, recently noting that Bitcoin’s daily chart —should it hold until the close in five hours — looks much like a textbook tweezer bottom, marked by a bullish engulfing candle after a large red candle lower.

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According to Rand’s analysis, the tweezer bottom is a formation that tells traders the following tidbits of information:

  1. Market has reached bottom at the same price level.
  2. The engulfing candle suggests that more buyers have entered the market and have begun to dominate of the market.
  3. More and more buyers are likely to enter and contribute, pushing prices higher as the market bottomed.

Indeed, as Amsterdam Stock Exchange trader Crypto Michaël recently noted in the below analysis, both Bitcoin on short-term and long-term time frames is looking strong, with bullish trendlines and consolidation patterns forming.

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