Boulé brings voting to the Blockchain with upcoming ICO

Boulé is a pioneering new voting system using blockchain technology to enable governments and electoral bodies to run secure, transparent elections. This revolutionary e-governance tool hopes to make electoral processes visible to all citizens, provide 100 percent accurate results, increase voter turnout and produce faster, cheaper and safer elections.

Strengthening democracy

“So many areas of our lives have been digitized, and yet our electoral systems remain bound by paper, time and human error. There is a common fear that moving towards remote, online voting mechanisms would make democracies vulnerable, putting election outcomes at risk. The growth of blockchain technology, however, is about to change all that.”


Boulé voting software is powered by the global blockchain computing platform Ethereum. Blockchain is a decentralized, cryptographically-verified database immune to tampering or revision. Up to now, it has mainly been used to secure financial transactions. Because every device connected to the chain can validate transactions (which are then stored in the chain forever), blockchain contains the revolutionary potential for secure online voting.

When an institution plans to run an election using our system, they must first purchase tokens to activate the Smart Contract for running elections developed by the Boulé Foundation. Using ID authentication and biometric facial recognition, eligible voters are then able to cast their vote – free from the risk of coercion or fraud. Once the voter’s identity has been confirmed, their preference will be logged through an encrypted string of random code, making it impossible to reverse the transaction and discover their identity.

For further information download our whitepaper:

The challenge

The transition from polling stations to remote online voting will take time. During this transition, online voting will take place during a set period before “offline” voting gets underway, ensuring those who have already voted cannot do so twice. We want to see greater participation in politics: a more liquid democratic power that is accountable to all.

After a successful pre-sale, the ICO will launch on the 25th October 2017 using a crowdfunding formula to enable the purchase of Boulé tokens (BOU) using Ethereum (ETH).

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