Calvin Ayre: Bitcoin Cash “Closely Resembles the Bitcoin That Sparked the Entire Digital Currency Boom”

Gambling news resource Calvin Ayre have openly declared war on Bitcoin declaring that it’s their opinion that Bitcoin Cash should be considered the true Bitcoin. For them, it seems that BCH holds more in common with Satoshi’s Nakamoto’s original white paper and is therefore deserving of the sort-after tag of “Bitcoin”.

With the coming forks and changes, and several other media organizations are reclassifying the nomenclature used when talking about the cryptocurrency.

The publication has listed their preferred terminology for all the current forks of Bitcoin. They wish to refer to Bitcoin (BTC) as SW1, and the proposed fork to larger blocks on this chain as SW2. Meanwhile, the forthcoming Bitcoin Gold fork will be addressed as SWG (SegWit Gold). They go on to call the current SegWit chain an “inefficient (compared to BCC) institutional value transfer system.”

However, there still appears to be some confusion over the gambling news source’s own crypto nomenclature. In their lengthy statement, they consistently refer to Bitcoin Cash as “BCC” despite the ticker “BCH” being the common parlance in the industry. We’re not sure how proponents of BitConnect will feel about this appropriation but presumably they’ll be more accommodating of the attention than Bitcoin Core supporters will over the move.

Calvin’s statement goes on to comment on “SegWit Core’s” supposed belief that forks are dangerous and cites Bitcoin Cash as proof of the contrary. They call it an experiment allowing “various models to compete in the free market”. Drawing on the recent Bitcoin Unlimited research into 1GB block sizes, the publication believe that BCC is on the way to becoming becoming a “worldwide peer-to-peer electronic cash system” thanks to on-chain scaling. They sum up with bold advice for their readers and the rest of their industry:

The entire gambling industry needs to move across to the new chain, leaving nobody behind on Segwit branches as it inevitably loses relative to Bitcoin (BCC) in value due to the large transaction fees.