Cappasity Drives World of AR/VR, One Block at a Time — Bitcoin Magazine

A rapidly developing project known as Cappasity, and its ARToken (ART) are igniting a new world for 3D content creators and distributors.

Its aim: to provide these creatives with a means of monetizing and sharing their work through a tokenized network. It is driven by a blockchain-centric platform powered by ART, a virtual currency now available via a $50 million token crowdsale that allows for content trading inside of the ecosystem.

This fast-moving initiative reflects the emerging intersection between augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D content creation. With growing numbers of cheaper, more powerful mobile devices entering the global marketplace, AR/VR is no longer a novelty. 

As companies like Google, Apple, Samsung and Facebook embrace these technologies, more disruptive AR/VR possibilities are gaining traction, providing massive opportunities for creatives seeking to leverage the vast potential of this space. The AR/VR world is rapidly expanding and the need for 3D images is on an exponential growth trajectory.

Fostering New Possibilities

Cappasity is at the forefront of this rapidly developing landscape. Launched as a computer startup in 2013, the company later shifted its focus to e-commerce. Today it is a cloud-based platform fueling the seamless integration of 3D content into e-commerce solutions, including product digitizing and 3D/VR shopping visualization.

The company is the brainchild of Kosta Popov who now serves as its CEO. He founded his first venture in 2005 and has over 10 years of experience in 3D technology and IT business development.

Bolstered by over $1.8 million in venture capital, Cappasity has made major inroads in the development of cutting edge innovations for the 3D world, including the easy 3D Booth, an affordable and simple-to-use full body 3D scanner for 3D printing, and the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan, which allows merchandisers to scan and easily upload their products into a 3D image. The latter game-changing solution provides consumers with a visual representation of items they may be seeking to purchase. 

As a part of its expansion efforts, Cappasity has forged collaborative relationships with a number of large retailers and top luxury brands while continuing to expand its presence through Plug And Play Retail accelerator Batch 7. 

While the focus has been the creation and integration of content into online shops, Cappasity has plans to pursue a number of other industry spaces with the goal of developing a comprehensive, global platform for everything AR/VR related. Fashion brands are just one example of a niche industry where Cappasity promises to make a mark.

All of this will require the expansion of the Cappasity ecosystem. In its present iteration, the ecosystem is comprised of two layers. The first, an infrastructure layer, powered by a blockchain, software toolkits and decentralized storage, is the setting where content creators and moderators are able to manage content directly.

The marketplace, the second layer, is for content exchange. It also serves as a testing ground for AR/VR and 3D content, a place where businesses and consumers will have access to a variety of 3D images and data.

There is also a unified solution for the creation and optimization of 3D content. Known as “3D View,” this tool provides a person with the ability to easily create quality 3D renderings of real objects and put them up for sale.

In addition, a 3D modeling module for large objects such as buildings and landscapes is currently under development. This software, which will be adapted for drone 3D shooting, requires very little in the way of computing power, allowing it to easily work with laptops and smartphones. 

Cappasity’s ecosystem also features a marketplace which functions as a buy-and-sell area where 3D and other AR/VR content exchange happens. There will be two main categories of goods: AR/VR and 3D content, as well as AR/VR and 3D apps.

The company will also deliver a powerful, analytic Cappasity AI to handle customer interactions. The Cappasity platform is compatible with AR/VR devices, empowering content creators with tools like SDK and plugins to produce high-quality AR/VR and 3D content.

Token Sale

The Cappasity crowdsale will begin on the September 27 and last for four weeks with a target of $50 million. To cater to the AR/VR/3D community, two endowment entities have been established. The first is the AR/VR Innovation Fund and the second is the Reward Fund. Following a successful token sale, 20 percent of the raised funds will be dedicated to the first and 10 percent will be dedicated to the second.

Cappasity will also provide all developers with the SDK/API to work on the platform. The company is also working on a mobile application that will make the site content compatible with the Cappasity platform and Apple ARKit.

Cappasity leaders believe that the token sale is, first and foremost, an opportunity to create a community of people enthusiastic about 3D tech, forming the basis for a global network of content creators and consumers. The belief here is that a token sale represents a great tool for the fair distribution of tokens among early adopters.