Copay Wallet for Dash Enters Closed Alpha Testing Stage

There can never be enough proper cryptocurrency wallet solutions. This is especially true when it comes to some of the more popular altcoins. Keeping funds in an exchange is no option if you want full control over the money. Copay, an open-source wallet solution, will soon get a Dash version. This new project is currently in the closed alpha testing stage. This new wallet will pave the way for the Evolution payment system.

Most Bitcoin users will have heard of Copay before. This particular wallet was first introduced by BitPay. Creating an open-source client which can be ported to any cryptocurrency has been a great idea so far. In the case of Dash, this wallet is known as Dashpay. It paves the way for the upcoming Evolution ecosystem. Offering more user-friendliness and introducing advanced feature are two things to look forward to. Joint accounts, for example, have been off-limits to nearly all altcoin enthusiasts so far.

Copay for Dash is a big Step Forward

It is quite interesting to see a Copay version for Dash. This goes to show the community is looking for more secure and advanced solutions. Dashpay will also introduce recurring payment options in the future. Cryptocurrency and recurring payments have always been a difficult mix. By default, no cryptocurrency protocol supports recurring transactions automatically. With this Dashpay wallet, that feature will soon come to Dash users all over the world.

Although this is still the closed alpha testing stage, a lot of progress can be made. More specifically, we may see a fully functioning Copay wallet for Dash before the year is over. This also marks the first step toward creating a more versatile Dash ecosystem as a whole. Evolution is an integral part of the roadmap for this particular cryptocurrency. Big things are scheduled to happen in the first half of 2018. Dashpay will help facilitate this transition by providing convenient access to new solutions.

It will be interesting to see if other cryptocurrencies explore the Copay option in the future. After all, the concept has a lot of merit in its current stage. Joint accounts for all major currencies would be a good place to start. The Dash team has some other exciting features to launch in the next few months. DashPay is a big part, as this new concept will receive its own decentralized wallets as well. The future looks very bright for this popular altcoin, assuming the developers can deliver.

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