Cryptocurrency Music Heats up the Ecosystem as Jason Vandal Releases New Rap

Blockchain and bitcoin rapper, Jason Vandal, just announced his new Rap Crypto single, which should see full release on September 15. However, he has put out a promo mashup video that teases listeners with a taste of what is to come, as well as a Soundcloud audio file of the track. Music in the cryptocurrency space appears to be growing in popularity overall, and Vandal’s music release represents a critical mass of artistry in the community. 

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Jason Vandal’s Background

Vandal has been in the cryptocurrency space awhile. He told how he got into the ecosystem.

“In late 2015 I became passively interested in Cryptocurrency after hearing about it on The Keiser Report, so I went ahead and bought a book. I sat on the fence for almost a year until I had an opportunity to get myself some Bitcoin, which launched me into a whole new world of possibilities and the infatuation began.”

At first, he said he started trading coins and investing in ICOs. While doing this trading and investing, he constantly read about blockchain, studied bitcoin, and learned more about the ecosystem. This is what hooked him. He immediately fell in love with the space.

Then in July 2017, Vandal said he received his moment of total clarity, which led to the creation of Rap Crypto. He said there is more to come. This seems like good news, because crypto music is becoming more heavily popularized as more artists like Vandal produce new sounds.

The Dollar Vigilante and “Bitcoin All the Way Up”; and Other Cryptocurrency Music

One leader in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is Jeff Berwick, AKA The Dollar Vigilante. He was highly influential to Vandal’s music, and just last month he and Freenauts released “Bitcoin All the Way Up.” The video was extremely popular, and garnered over 119,000 views on Youtube. Berwick recently performed the music live at “End the Fed” gathering in Philadelphia. Two members are featured in the video as well, including CEO Roger Ver and journalist Sterlin Lujan (yours truly).

Other interesting and solid music includes an older 2014 rap piece by Toby and Decap called “Welcome to the Blockchain.”

“Price Down, Pick Up!” by ZhouTonged is another older piece of crypto rap, but this one has a humorous and clever spin to it:

Speaking of humor, for the old school crypto cats out there, this was a Mt. Gox failure song inspired by Adele’s famous tune “Rolling in the Deep.”

Crypto Music Spices up the Community

It is interesting to watch all of this awesome crypto music spice up the community, especially as the markets undergo a price scare as a result of corrections and the usual rumors from China about potential bans and closures.

Be sure to check out Vandal’s full Crypto Rap music release in the coming days.