Crystal Clear Services Set to Change the Service Industry

The global services industry is on an upward trajectory. The vast industry segment can be categorized into numerous verticals, that range from information, logistics, commodities, health, entertainment and a lot more. However, unlike the products, the services offered by service providers are mostly intangible in nature, which makes it hard to quantify the level of service and even customer satisfaction. Such a scenario can potentially hurt not just the customers but also businesses/service providers alike.

Despite all these, most of the economies around the world are highly dependent on the segment. The growth recorded by the industry sector across nations stands proof of it. However, as currently constituted, there is no coherent approach to managing this sector from the internet. Most of the companies that offer internet based services do so on an individual basis. While this may be considered to be good and noble in the promotion of online commerce, it may end up affecting the consumers. For example, customers may not always gain access to the service they wish to avail due to geographical constraints, especially when it comes to making payments in fiat currency. If the service requires the physical presence of both customer and service provider, then it’s another story altogether.

Also, there is always a discrepancy in the service quality and pricing across the industry, which doesn’t always serve the interests of customers. But with the advent of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, a solution is finally in sight.

Crystal Clear Takes the Service Industry to new Heights

Crystal Clear Services aims to create one of the largest platforms for offering services across the world. By creating this platform, what the site aims to do is create an application where people can solve their daily problems with ease. It will easily hook up people who need services done for them with professionals who can deliver such services. The site will make use of blockchain technology and smart contracts to solve the issue of trust between customers and service providers.

The trustless system will be capable of creating job opportunities for individuals, an increased customer base for well-established organizations, and high-quality service for customers. Overall, it brings in transparency in pricing and efficient dispute resolution while promoting the use of cryptocurrencies to keep everyone happy. In order to turn this whole system into a reality, Crystal Clear Services has organized a crowdsale.

The crowdsale will help the company raise the necessary funds for development, deployment, and expansion of the platform. In future, the platform will also forge partnerships with some of the leading organizations across the world to ensure top quality service at all times.

Crystal Clear Services ICO

Investors are invited to take part in the ongoing ICO and purchase the platform’s native CCT tokens. The ICO presents a splendid opportunity for investors to be part of a platform that is truly game changing. Crystal Clear Services aims to be at the center of all this, and it envisages itself as a leader in this field. Soon, the tokens will be listed on some of the top exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex, enabling token holders to trade CCT against other cryptocurrencies.

The team that is working on this platform is not only well trained, but they also have extensive experience in the design of e-commerce projects. By bringing their expertise and domain knowledge to the project, they are going to turn Crystal Clear Service into a revolutionary everyday use platform that will be adopted by millions of users.

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