DetectorToken Blockchain Bot for ICO Tokens Helps in Investment Decisions

Poland based blockchain platform DetectorToken is in the process of creating a blockchain based signals bot designed to monitor and alert users about the latest ICO and crowdsale campaigns. The well-timed product comes at the time when ICOs are at their peak.

As cryptocurrency projects increasingly opt for the ICO route to raise necessary funds, the number of new tokens flooding the market is at an all-time high. The team behind DetectorToken have themselves opted for a crowdsale so that they can help people make an informed decision about investing in various crowdsale.

The DetectorToken crowdsale went live last month, allowing investors to purchase tokens at an attractive 25% bonus for a limited period. Participants in the ICO who purchased the tokens in between August 20, 2017, and August 30, 2017, could make the most out of it. The early bird bonus was followed by a 10 % bonus phase that started on August 31, only to end on September 9, 2017.

The bot created by DetectorToken — Bot Detector provides an automated process for investors to trade tokens offered in various ICOs and crowdsales. Armed with the latest, up-to-date information on the market provided by Bot Detector, investors can take calculated, well-informed trading decisions.

However, the capability of Bot Detector extends much beyond trading signals for fresh tokens. It is also capable of making decisions on behalf of the investors as well. Users will be presented with multiple options, allowing them to pick from a range of investment options and strategies. They can either choose to follow the investment strategies of some of the most experienced traders or come up with their own strategies. At any time, people can make a choice between strategies to suit their needs.

The platform presently has a free-to-use bot, released at the beginning of the DetectorToken ICO. With further development, the platform will create a fully automated bot that sends signals to customers, guiding them through the trading process.  The future bot/signals will be offered on a subscription basis.

More information about the DetectorToken can be accessed on the platform’s website.