EROSCOIN Introduces a Next Generation Global Payment Solution

The EROSCOIN payments solution utilizes self-executing smart contracts to enable rapid, economic transactions in under 20 seconds.

EROSCOIN, the Blockchain powered platform for improved payments has announced the launch of its crowdsale campaign. The crowdsale is set to go live on October 11, 2017, and continue until November 20, 2017. It will allow the platform to raise the necessary funds to develop a full-fledged blockchain based global payment solution.

The EROSCOIN platform has been under ideation and development for more than a year now. The project started sometime during the Q2 2016 has achieved a significant progress to date to reach the crowdsale stage. EROSCOIN leverages on the blockchain technology to allow free transfer of value between people over the internet, making it an attractive payment solution.

As the global e-commerce segment continues to thrive, a payment processing solution capable of keeping up with the changing times is desirable, and the EROSCOIN platform is designed to fit that role perfectly. The platform looks to be that payment solution by being suitable, fast and secure while accommodating over 500 kinds of cryptocurrencies.

EROSCOIN makes it stress-free for dealers to incorporate blockchain-powered payment gateway into their websites. Also, the payment gateway shares a lot of similarities with conventional ones, making it easier for everyone to operate it. The EROSCOIN platform also has a fast transaction time of 15-20 seconds, enabled by self-executing smart contracts.  These smart contracts can facilitate, verify, negotiate and close contracts between buyers and sellers. Some of the additional features on the platform includes P2P chat, invoice management, product and order management.

The blockchain platform is powered by its own native ERO token, to be made available in the crowdsale. EROSCOIN has set a maximum cap for its tokens at 2.4 billion, half of which will be sold during the crowdsale and the remaining will be distributed among the Foundation (20%), Advisory and Escrow (9%), Charity Fund (10%) and Reserve Fund (10%). 1% of the tokens are allotted for the platform’s Bounty programs.

The platform has a pre-ICO coming up, with exciting early bird discounts. Contributors during this stage will receive a 45% bonus, which will then reduce to 25% during the main crowdsale. The funds raised during the crowdsale will be used for further development of the platform (50% of the funds), marketing (15%), reserve fund (10%), operational expenses (8%), general and administrative processes (7%) and legal and content licenses (5%).

EROSCOIN will soon launch a suite of applications, creating an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem around protocol. Some of the applications are already available on testnet, ready to be released following extensive testing.

More information about the platform and upcoming token sale will be available on the website.