Ethbet Announces Crowdsale Round for Decentralized Dicing Platform

A newly launched gaming startup has announced a fundraiser to finance the development of its decentralized dicing platform.

Ethbet, as the startup is titled, is a decentralized peer-to-peer dicing platform proposing to offer the lowest possible house edge. It does so by pitting one bet against the other and settle them without ever introducing a centralized house. This unique approach cuts of the need for a house edge, resulting in lower fees and better transparency.

From a technological perspective, Ethbet certainly brings and out-and-out fresh approach to the ways with which dicing rounds are handled. It is proved that due to a heavy centralization of dicing houses, the game has been hijacked by black-box models, with no transparency and fairness to the players. It is the same reason why investors are likely to stake in the development of Ethbet, a platform which promises nothing less than a revolution in the billion-dollar online dicing industry.

“Betting without a house edge saves players much more than a trivial amount,” stated an excerpt from the Ethbet whitepaper.

“Because a player’s expected loss can be zero for every bet they make, they can now make hundreds or thousands of bets without statistically being likely to lose more and more of their money over time. With a house edge of 0%, a player’s probability of gaining capital is equal to their probability of losing it – they are no longer making an inherently irrational decision with a negative expected gain.”

Ethbet Crowdsale to Begin This September

Ethbet’s crowdsale is set to begin on September 17th at 8 PM UTC, finally giving its supporters a chance to get in on the profit that Ethbet’s future growth will generate. As the crowdsale is capped at only 5,000ETH, it is predicted to sell out and close its doors to new investors long before its 4-week deadline is hit.

Due to its superior returns, lower fees, and provable-fairness, Ethbet will acquire more users in the near future. It ensures that investors in a long run will be benefited by associating themselves with this platform.

Ethbet strongly suggests that those interested in their project read their detailed whitepaper at in addition to checking out their working demo and website at

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