Ethereum Casper update takes shape: Buterin pushes development forward

Vitalik Buterin is currently working on White Papers for the new Ethereum version Casper. For a long time detailed information about Casper was hidden – so the more surprising Buterin’s step to pick up the long-awaited concept.

With Casper it is above all the change to the proof-of-stake consensus. At least, this is a long-term goal, the start of which is the Casper upgrade.

Casper promises a more efficient ecosystem. By switching from the proof-of-work algorithm, transactions are to be carried out without much energy being expended. The latter is a common criticism of the proof-of-work algorithm currently used by Ethereum.

The introduction of Casper would be a fundamental and decisive change for the Ethereum network. The White Papers are therefore submitted to the Ethereum Developer for control.

What new features Casper brings with it

Casper will not make a complete change from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Instead, one would first want to use a hybrid model of both consensus algorithms. Specifically, Proof of Work continues to be used for most of the blocks in the network, only one hundredth block is checked with the proof-of-stake mechanism as a checkpoint.

In order to prevent specific attacks, attackers are to be punished with the deduction of their coins. The hybrid integration of the new Proof of Stake is intended to reduce any difficulties to its extent.
The three white papers from Buterin are now waiting for feedback from Ethereum developers.