Gen AI report highlights job loss concerns in entertainment

According to a CVL Economics report, 36% of entertainment leaders using generative AI report a reduced need for specific skills for daily tasks and responsibilities among their staff.

Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) will lead to the loss of more jobs in the film and animation industry than in other sectors, according to consultancy firm CVL Economics.

In a January 2024 report based on a survey of 300 leaders from six entertainment industries, including c-suite executives, senior executives and mid-level managers, between Nov. 17 and Dec. 22, 2023, the firm found that 75% of survey respondents indicated Gen AI tools, software and models had supported the elimination, reduction or consolidation of jobs in their business division.

Gen AI creates diverse content like images, text and music without explicit programming. It employs machine learning to understand and replicate patterns from existing data.

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