Genesis vision starts the options sale

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An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign presents many challenges. Genesis Vision addresses them in the most effective way with the introduction of its unique and powerful option program.

Genesis Vision is launched through a promising Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign, especially set up to address the most important issues raised by investors. One of them concerns people who have been following the project for a long time but can simply be late to invest money. Another well-known issue is that a large influx of transactions in the first minutes after the launch of the ICO creates difficulties for ICO investors and other Ethereum blockchain users.

Geographical dispersion of investors creates another significant issue as participation for many of them may be compounded by the fact that the launch of ICO falls on a deep night in their time zone. In addition, early investment bonuses are often given not to actual first supporters, but to those who managed to be the first to carry out a transaction in the blockchain.

Genesis Vision has the answer to all those and many more issues, and addresses them in the most effective way: it launches an option program for ICO participation. How it works: The option guarantees the right to acquire GVT (Genesis Vision Token) at a specified price during the ICO. The option price is 5% of the desired amount of investment. On the first day of ICO, GVT will be sold to option holders only.

In the rapidly growing market of trust management, a breakthrough platform is ready to be launched. Genesis Vision is the first platform for the private trust management market, built on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

There are also options that will give additional bonuses for token amount: Options for the first 20% of maximum options cap guarantee their holders 30% bonus. The next 30% guarantee 20% bonus and the rest 50% guarantee 10% bonus.

Options program is scheduled to start on 15th of September.
Genesis Vision ICO promises to satisfy even the most advanced needs of the investors. More details and information about the ICO campaign and its characteristics are available here:

Genesis Vision, founded by a team of highly specialized experts, is the first private trust management platform built on Blockchain technology and smart contracts. The smart contract technology of the platform provides an automated and absolutely transparent system for investing and profit distribution.