Good Hackers and Where They Can Work

Being a hacker means a lot of opportunities for a person —
Access to secured data, respect, money, and reputation. The only thing which is forgotten is the threat of violating the law and regulations, or in simple words, responsibility for committed actions. It could take different forms – fines, restrictions or even imprisonment. Do you still feel like a person who is just suitable for hacking something? What if I tell that there are two types of hackers?

Respecting the Former Idols

The first one refers to the type of which all of us are aware. Probably, most hackers are familiar with the surnames –such as Snowden, McKinnon as well as many others. The second one was the curious child, who was keen on learning computer science. In synopsis, he was so curious that he managed to get into 97 computers of the US Military and NASA in the US.

Snowden was a former employee of CIA, who managed to reveal and leak a broad range of secured information from these sources publicly. It was a great pity to watch some of them get caught by other institutions and moved to a prison for a very long time.

Hacking is a Way to Show Your Protest

And certainly, it is. If someone is about to hack the most secure institution in the USA or any other country, it means at least something. However, it creates the unequal rules of the game. Not everyone protests the same way. There are many who wouldn’t or couldn’t hack into anything and yet want the real democracy to work. And then there are those who choose to voice their displeasure by breaking several laws. Between the two, it is always a better idea to promote the idea of “true” equal democracy by eliminating the threat of one big bad guy, who is going to tell what is good and what is bad by hacking into something, potentially disrupting normal life in the process.

It is a sound idea of putting all the people into the same circumstances, which means the real democracy in the world. All the participants of this process should realize that only the opinion of society matters. That is why the role of hackers is only that of a “bug” in the society on its way to real democracy.

How to Be Not Ashamed of Being a Hacker?

Taking another point of view, the work “hacker” has a bad reputation in the society. However, it is not all that bad as many don’t know that most of these “hackers” operate legally as wardens of security for some companies and even countries.

While the skills used remain the same, those who choose to be white hat hackers are driven by two main motives. The first one is to stay legal and not to end up in a jail somewhere. And the second one is ethics. They would do rather do something that is good for everyone than make a quick buck by exploiting others.

“Hacken is going to launch an ecosystem that would be created entirely for white hat hackers with the purpose of making the information more secure.”

There are lots of opportunities for these types of hackers in the modern day cybersecurity industry. They are the answer to the question posed by any illegal hacker — what if they could manage to earn a concerning amount of money while being legal at the same time?

The answer to that question is a white hat hacker, a person who makes money through his ability to find vulnerabilities while working legally at the same time. Most of them are involved in vulnerability and penetration testing for third party clients, which would grant them the riches with certainty in the next day.

The Market Is Not Ready

Some hackers would say that their service wouldn’t be assessed properly. Even more, they could even go to jail for reporting the vulnerability, which they found. They would be accused of abusing it before reporting it. There are even some cases when people went to jail for reporting issues, even though they never abused the vulnerabilities.

However, there are ways to fix the problem. For example, a young community driven business called Hacken is going to launch an ecosystem that would be created entirely for white hat hackers with the purpose of making the IT infrastructure and data more secure. In turn, the cooperation with Hacken would grant a person with an ability to get rewards for their achievements in a convenient manner. Even more, Hacken is creating a bug bounty platform where each member would get rewards for his accomplishments. But, what is even more important, all the members of Hacken community would remain anonymous, which would help to avoid cases of cheating and persecution.

In order to turn it into a reality, the Hacken team has even created a dedicated, tailor-made cryptocurrency by the same name that would ensure the members’ anonymity while supporting the ecosystem. Through Hacken, white hat hacker communities from across the world can prosper and make the virtual world a much safer place.

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