Hacker mocks Algorand after maintaining control of CEO’s X account for 15 hours

The Algorand Foundation said on Jan. 25 that it was “in the process” of recovering Staci Warden’s account, but posts containing racial slurs and other insults continue to appear.

An unknown party is still posting on the X account of Algorand Foundation CEO Staci Warden after almost a day, mocking followers and the platform alike.

As of 6:28 pm UTC on Jan. 26, the unnamed hacker has continued to be active on social media platform X, roughly 15 hours after Algorand posted that it was “in the process” of recovering Warden’s account. The individual has used their time on the platform to post messages containing racial slurs and insults about Warden, both while posting and replying to X users.

Many of the hacker’s activities using the compromised account attacked Warden personally — by changing her profile to claim she “drained 6 figures from my customers and gaslit them into thinking it was a hack” and worked as a “semi professional pole dancer.” However, many X users seemed to be amused by the disruption, claiming to prefer the hacker’s posts over Warden’s:

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