Hedge Project Announces Crowdsale As It Builds Crypto-Investment Tools

Cryptocurrency technology has a wide range of applications, especially when it comes to financial and fintech sector. Hedge Project is one such platform that is designed to help individual and institutions access professional-grade crypto indices and diversify their investment portfolios.

The Hedge Project is developed to meet the changing requirements of the financial ecosystem. In the recent years, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of prominence. A surge in the number of ICOs and the amount these crowdsales are raising, combined with the increasing value of Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies has created a new financial era driven by digital assets.

The tools created by the Hedge Project is focused on helping the cryptocurrency community members including crowdsale participants, technology evangelists and investors to minimize and efficiently manage the risks associated with the volatile crypto-markets. The platform will offer comprehensive information in the form of trade indices, crypto-baskets and single derivatives. The Hedge Project is also working on its own Crypto-Investment Platform where people can trade the currencies easily.

Unlike other cryptocurrency hedge funds, Hedge Token offers an attractive, simple to use and inexpensive option for investors to maintain and diversify their portfolios without worrying about various hidden costs. As a part of its initiative, the Hedge Project already has Bitcoin Price Index (BTCCX) and Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index (CCX30) in place and have few more like Crypto Asset Index and Crypto Income Index under development.

As the Hedge Project continues to develop a crowdsourced ecosystem and blockchain-oriented marketplace, it is organizing a crowdsale to fund the development. The hedge Token sale is set to go live on September 15, 2017, allowing investors to be part of the initiative. With a maximum cap of 50 million tokens, Hedge Project will be offering 60% of the tokens on sale against ETH payments.

During the month-long ICO, Hedge looks forward to raising a maximum of 50,000 ETH, Once the crowdsale is over, the platform will burn the unsold tokens, conserving its value.

More information about the upcoming ICO and the attractive bonus structure is available on the platform’s website.

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