Meteor destroys office, all users’ funds remain safe

OK, so not really. The chances of a meteor actually hitting is, pardon the pun, astronomical.

But say it did. Suppose our office was reduced to a smoking crater, and although employees, by some miracle, managed to escape with their lives, all computers and servers were smashed to bits.

Bad news, right?


That’s because never has access to its users’ funds. When creating a wallet, you generated a backup PDF that can be used to quickly and easily recover your bitcoin, anytime, anywhere, doing away with the need to rely upon’s servers.

This PDF must be securely stored by you, the user, as does not store any backup PDFs.

This is a testament to the beauty of bitcoin. Unlike the traditional banking system, funds stored in bitcoin wallets are never at the mercy of large, faceless organizations. Bitcoin is by the user, for the user, operated on a peer-to-peer network.

Bitcoin is safe. Bitcoin is secure. Bitcoin is yours.

You will always be in control. has never and will never have access to its users’ bitcoin.

This means, in order for users to lose their funds, each user must be individually hit with a meteor.

That’s a lot of meteors. And that will never happen. ?